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Welcome to the hibiscus.org preview site featuring SpeciesDB

hibiscus.org originally started in late 1999 as a way to share information about Australian native hibiscus. Since then, hibiscus.org has expanded to include other Australian species of Malvaceae which are closely related to the hibiscus family, plus include articles on cultivation, propagation and usage contributed too by numerous authors around the globe.

Now, we'd like to introduce something new. We call it SpeciesDB. SpeciesDB is the product of over a year's research and development, combining a wide variety of information to provide an unprecedented look into Australian varieties of hibiscus, including hybrids and cultivars.

Hibiscus 'Cecily's Selection'

SpeciesDB features:

  • Information on almost 200 different Australian native, endemic, introduced and indigenous species
  • Information on over 50 Australian hibiscus hybrids and cultivars
  • Distribution and mapping incorporating over 15,000 species observations

SpeciesDB aims to be to the most comprehensive catalog of Australian varieties of hibiscus.

As you can probably appreciate, a project of such magnitude is a massive undertaking. For SpeciesDB to be useful, we want to ensure the information is accurate and that the system is stable, responsive and usable. We hope to be able to release the completed SpeciesDB soon, together with the new hibiscus.org site.

Please note, this is a pre-production subset of SpeciesDB with reduced functionality. It still contains bugs, errors and inaccuracies. Data is subject to change and should not be relied on or referenced from the preview site. Some functionality, such as correct formatting of species names in italics, is not currently implemented within the preview. Additionally, the preview has not currently been optimized for speed or download size so some pages may take a little longer to load.

The SpeciesDB preview currently only contains limited functionality and information on a small selection of Australian hibiscus.

Creative Commons License

While still only fairly basic with the most rudimentary information, when completed, SpeciesDB will feature around 250 Australian native hibiscus species, varieties, hybrids and cultivars. A variety of extended species information, including botanical descriptions, plus additional datasets, is planned for the near future.

Material within SpeciesDB will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - NoDerivs 3.0 Australia License allowing reproduction and reuse for research, educational and non-commercial purposes, with attribution, subject to some conditions. In particular, please refer to the additional Map Data and Usage Terms and Conditions.

We'd welcome volunteers to contribute to SpeciesDB. In particular, anyone able to assist with research or able to help fleshing out details for different species, would be particularly encouraged. If you'd like to assist, please contact us at: research@hibiscus.org.

If you'd like updates and to be notified when SpeciesDB and the new hibiscus.org site are available, you can sign up to our mailing list.

We welcome feedback on the SpeciesDB preview and would be interested to hear your experiences. Please send all SpeciesDB related feedback to: research@hibiscus.org. If you do encounter any errors or problems, please include the full address/URL of the page, plus which web browser and version you are using.

Numerous journal articles relating to Australian Native Hibiscus and Malvaceae are now available in our Article Archive - http://preview.hibiscus.org/archive.php